Shahab Abroshan

Akbar Son of Emil



A Documentary about the Life of Akbar, He tries to find his father and his mother’s grave.

Original Title Akbar Pesar-e Emil
English Title Akbar Son of Emil
Category Documentary
Shooting Format 4k
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Running Time 16 min
Sound Stereo
Original Film Language Persian
Subtitle English
Countries of Production Iran
Date of Production 2020

Writer Mehdi Nazeri
Director Mehdi Nazeri
Director of photography Mehdi Nazeri
Editor Shahab Abroshan
Composer Omid Mohebi
Sound editor Omid Mohebi
Color Correction Shahab Abroshan
Graphic Designe
Younes Dehghani
Producer Mehdi Nazeri


Akbar jashounia Hormuzi