Shahab Abroshan

I am postgraduate of Dramatic Literature at Tehran Art University. In 2010, I graduated from a semi-governmental university in Yazd. I love cinema as no other art form is more attractive to me than cinema is. Before my academic studies, I had made a few short films; fiction, documentary, experimental and animation. I had also edited many films. In 2003, my participation in film-making courses at the Young Cinematographers Association, Bandar Abbas branch, was a huge influence. My first film was made in 2004; a short Fiction about a young author who loses everything trying to publish his first book. I love literature as well. Before my adventures in cinema, I had been writing. In fact at only 12, I started participating at writing classes at the Association for Children’s Mental Development in Bandar Abbas. My studies in Literature can have a very positive influence on my film-making; however cinema will remain my primary passion. By the way, I was born on 19 August 1987. I think that’s all for now!