Shahab Abroshan


This theater is a free expression of the “A rural girl” story by Alexander Pushkin. Which was implemented in two different locations. The first time a cafe in Bandar Abbas and the second time in a theater called  Aftab

there is two family in a small village that they have a problem with each other and they are like enemies. the young daughter of one of them fell in love with the other one’s son and start to visit him but she doesn’t reveal her identity to the boy

Writer & Director  Shahab Abroshan
Assistant Director Ehsan Nafisi
Lighting Hoseyn Ramezan Nia
Set Designer Shahab Abroshan
Music Hoseyn Nafisi, Majid Abbasi, Esmaeil Moradi, Farzad Adhami
Photography Mohammad Reza Moradi
Video Hassan Bidarvand

Javad Ansari
Elham Alizadeh
Siamak Delnavaz
Adnan Ansari